Composite Capability


Advanced composite production capabilities.

We have been in composite manufacturing for over 45 years, producing high-performance short run production composite products in the marine market. After expanding our capabilities to build the foiling Moth, we now provide the market with the same high quality short-run composite production capabilities to build close to any composite product.


Inhouse Design team

Building top performing boats has led us to develop a highly skilled team of consultants and in-house staff who form our research and development team working together to find the best solutions for each parts and project. Our composite and process engineers can provide solid modelling of designs and parts for most projects and will ensure the best materials are used under the right conditions with the best processes.
















Our team can develop or add custom machined, fabricated or printed aluminum, stainless steel, or titanium parts to composite parts, or can add them into the lamination process.



Composite capabilities include

  • ► CNC machined cores for closed moiuld infusion and match moulding 
  • ► Hand lay wet lamination polyester and epoxy systems. 
  • ► Vacuum bag cores and laminates.
  • ► Epoxy and Vinylester infusion.
  • ► Composite match moulding.
  • ► Heated press up to 3 bar.
  • ► Pre-preg lamination and cooking up to 120deg.
  • ► Spray painting booth










Mould Versatility

We can design tooling to be CNC machined either in-house or by one of our partners for match moulded parts, closed mould infused parts or simple vacuum bagged parts.





Quality Control

A highly robust quality control system has been developed that measures products at every critical stage in manufacturing to ensure the right specifications are met before entering the next stage. Information is recorded and is also reviewed again at the final inspection before a product leaves the factory.