The Starling 

Experience a new sense of action. Develop skills in sail trim and controls. Enjoy the ride.


The Starling provides young sailors a platform to take-off literally, in terms of skill development and speed.  A Mackay built Starling is light on the helm and an ideal stepping-stone from the Optimist to senior class boats, or for the light-weight sailor who wants to experience the magic of sailing a finely tuned boat.


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Crew:  1 person

Hull weight: 41kgs

Length: 2.9m

Width: 1.21m

Sailor Weight range: 48-70kg’s

Designer: Des Townsend


The Boat

The Starling is a 2.9-metre-long centreboard boat that was designed by Des Townsend, initially of wooden construction. The competitive crew weight is between 48 – 70 kgs.

The boats are fitted with a full set of sail controls which provides an excellent basis for learning the skills of rig tuning.


In 2000, demand led to the availability of a fibreglass option.


Characterised by its hard-chine lines and simple control system layout, the Starling provides sailors the opportunity to learn technical skills including sail and rig tune while also perfecting kinetics - essential skills for the next stage in their sailing career.


A number of Starlings are sailing in other parts of the world with sailors coming to New Zealand to compete in National regattas.



Rig and Sails

The spars are an aluminium one-design section from a single supplier and the sail is strictly one-design, made by North Sails New Zealand.

Yes. We offer a bare hull that you can fit-out yourself.



What can be customised?

Deck Colour - discuss your colour preference with us