VX One 


High-speed sailing from the comfort of your own cockpit.


The VX One provides a light and lively sailing experience that cleverly blends dinghy performance with keelboat stability. Its wide, shallow and open cockpit, well-thought through control lines and systems makes the boat very easy to handle.


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Fitted Hull Weight                224kg w/keel

Length                                   5.79m (19')

Width                                      2.19 m (7.17′)

Draft, keel down                   1.32m (4.33′)

Mast Length                          8.35m

Upwind Sail Area                 19.97sqm

Spinnaker Area                    26sqm

Crew Weight tolerance       170 - 205kg  (380 – 450 lbs)

Crew                                       2-3 person

SA Main + Jib                       19.97 sq m (215 sq ft)

SA Gennaker                        26 sq m (280 sq ft)

Designer                                Rodger Martin and Ross Weene


Optional Outboard bracket (2 Hp Outboard) for recreational use

Under deck paddle storage

Storage for Day gear/ Provisions



The Boat

The VX One successfully bridges the gap between dinghy and keelboat. It is a strict one design class that is sailed with a crew of 2-3 and an optimum weight range of 180-230kg’s.


It's wide, shallow and open cockpit, along with well-thought through control lines and systems, makes the boat very easy to handle, be it in race mode or as a fun day-sailor.



The Hull and Deck Systems

The hull is made from E-glass with carbon reinforcement in key areas, PVC-core and a hard gelcoat surface. This combination means a stiff, robust hull is achieved for performance and longevity.


The open and spacious cockpit enables easy manoeuvrability for crew. Extra cockpit space is also achieved by using a GNAV system (above boom vang).


The mainsheet system comes directly off the boom just like skiff sailing which enables easy trimming and, along with the use of a self-tacking jib, makes the sailing experience more enjoyable.


A large spinnaker chute along with a carbon fibre retractable bowsprit has been designed for easy hoists and drops of the A Symmetric spinnaker.  


Any excess water is shipped through chute drains straight out of the transom.



The Keel and foil

The VX One uses an anodized, extruded-aluminium, weighted keel which provides excellent shape and durability.

The lifting keel, which is raised using the main halyard, means that the VX One can be launched, recovered and trailed on a combi trailer.

The rudder is a high-performance profile Carbon-Glass rudder.



The Rig and sails

The clear coated carbon fibre tubes are made by CST. The spars are assembled by Mackay Boats.

The sail wardrope includes a large mainsail, self-tacking jib and a A-symmetric spinnaker. The VX One Class rules permits a choice of sailmakers to make the sails.

What colour options do you offer?

The boats are all the same colour with a white hull and light grey deck. 

Boats can be customized with the non-skid inside the cockpit.

The boats are all built to a strict One Design rule. 

This restricts what can be changed, although there is the ability to personalize the non-skid arrangement on the boat.