VX Evo

Evolving the Single-Handed Skiff Hiking Experience


The VX Evo is a single-handed skiff hiking dinghy that offers apparent wind sailing with an asymmetric spinnaker.

Designed for the larger sailor, it's like the 21st-century version of the Finn heavyweight dinghy.

A lightweight hull with a beamy cockpit, it includes 3 different sail sizes to ensure the right (sailor) weight to power ratio is achieved, and a kick-out transom on the chine line that offers extra stability. Easy-to-use controls and a spinnaker halyard system will ensure smooth hoists and takedowns.


The VX Evo won - "2017 - Sailing World - Boat of the Year: Best Dinghy" and "2017 - SAIL magazine - Best Performance Boat under 30ft". 



Trolley (Aluminum), top cover, bottom cover

The boat comes complete with all ropes and sheets from Robline, foils, rudderstock, tiller extension, pole, hiking straps, boom. The rig package comes with complete mast, stays, halyards and boom. Sails are not included.

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