Quality Assurance

Mackay Boats has a rigid quality management programme that involves the entire operation.



Our Customer focus

Every step is made as easy as possible for the customer. This includes an easy ordering system, a personal point of contact that provides progress updates and arranges cost effective shipping and, fast, accessible aftersales service.








High Quality Materials

Sourcing high-quality materials is part of Mackay’s quality management, backed by an R&D team that carefully study how to use materials to achieve optimum strength, weight and tolerances. For every boat, raw materials are weighed, and batches recorded before a build commences.










Design of Moulds 

The mould is where everything starts. Beginning with a perfect surface and then maintaining it, is the secret of boats arriving to sailors with the racing finish they want. Extensive jigging systems are used to ensure internal components are aligned correctly and all in exactly the correct place, and then there are the frames used to ensure the join up process is accurate and identical for every boat.







Our Build Process

There are many stages in a boat’s build process. Each stage has standard operating procedures (SOP’s) based on extensive research to ensure a boat is built to exact standards. No boat leaves a stage before undergoing a comprehensive checkbox review. Nothing is left unchecked - a final check is undertaken on every aspect of the complete boat before it leaves the factory.







Systems and Fittings

Fast boats require the upmost reliable fit-out systems, designed to work effortlessly, and allow for minimum weight and windage. Only the best fittings are used in each system.  Work never stops in this area as the R&D team continually look at how to make gains. Adding to your sailing experience, a customised fitout is offered to suit preferences.




When you purchase a Mackay boat, you purchase over 45 years of experience, expert knowledge, meticulous focus and peace of mind knowing you will receive the highest in quality. 



Our Team Experience

Building the best comes from developing a great team of highly skilled people, passionate about boats. Our boat builders are highly experienced, having years of experience and then undergoing months of training for each particular part they make by some of the industry’s best. This is backed by a sales and logistic team who are top sailors that know the details that matter to sailors – they’ve been there themselves.