The Zephyr

“The beauty" in yachting.


Mackay Boats is proud to be building one of New Zealand’s most popular single-handed yachts to ever grace the water. Appealing to the weekend warrior sailor, with a weight range between 65kg - 92 kg's, this is one of life's true sailing pleasures; well-balanced, easy to use controls including adjustable forestay, and kick-up foils. A very low maintenance boat.


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No. of crew:                        1 person

Crew weight:                      65 – 100kg’s

Hull length overall:            3.35 m (11 ft 0 in)

Mast length:                      5640 mm max

Designer:                           Des Townsend

Boats come fully fitted out

Beach trolley

Sails are one design by Doyle Sails and come with an option to reef for light weight sailors.

Check out the Class website for rules >> Zephyr class rules


The Boat

The Zephyr is a fully responsive, light on the helm, single-handed boat. While the majority of the fleet are wooden construction (over 300), the move to fibre glass construction was recent.


In 2020 Mackay Boats became the builder for the Class, applying the same knowledge and processes used to manufacture consistent, one-design Olympic Class yachts for the Zephyr Class.


Designed by Des Townsend, a New Zealand Yacht Designer icon, in 1956, the Zephyr  has had seven builders over its 60 years of life, with MacKay Boats taking over the Zephyr’s hull construction in 2020. These boats are known as the #700 series.


Racing is highly competitive in this class which sees an average of 80 entries at its New Zealand National Championships.


The Hull and Deck

The hull is built from an epoxy laminate with a PVC foam core which are similar materials used in the construction of the 49ers. The laminate is designed to replicate the structure of the existing wooden boats.



The boat comes with all controls fitted, where the best fittings available are used for each function.

Zephyr’s must be purchased through the class association.

The boat has a standard fit-out with a couple of options available.

For a fully custom fit-out you have the choice of buying the bare hull and then fitting it out yourself.

Grey is the standard colour. A limited range of other colours are available as an upgrade option. Special colour request are only available when a new batch of boats is being built.


Yes. Bare hull comes with maststep, vang tang, venturis and chainplates only fitted.

Sails are available through the Class Association

Spars are available through the Class Association