Just like our quest to deliver fast boats, our desire to protect the environment and reduce our carbon footprint has also become top of mind as we learn more.


We are using the UN’s sustainable development goals to guide us with our sustainability efforts. While we might be a pretty small contributor to these goals, we still believe the choices we make today impact future generations, on and off the water.  Given the nature of our business, the following UN goals are playing a big part in our sustainability efforts -




We are currently working on our sustainability path but want to share with you the areas we are focusing on to help with these goals:


Our Operations



We are working on reducing our waste, energy and emissions  and measuring our progress in these areas. Suppliers play a big part with our sustainability progress which is why we have begun working more closely with them to provide more sustainable solutions.


Our People


Having a safe, healthy and inclusive working environment is paramount to us. We have in place strict H&S processes, training programmes, administer above industry average wage rates, and encourage diversity. We regularly monitor these areas.


Our Product



Building quality boats and components that stand the course of time is a key focus. This commitment extends beyond the factory where we also work with sailors to maximise a boats useful life. We continually review new eco-friendly materials as they develop, and are adopting a circular model approach where ever possible.


Our Community



A flourishing community sets the tone for how we operate. To help keep our community flourishing, we hold staff enviro days throughout the year where our team may plant native trees, partake in beach cleans or help in the community.


Stay posted for updates on our progress….