Kiwi Style Foils 

Precision performance.


Our Kiwi Style Foils are synonymous for achieving extraordinary precision and quality of finish. 

Foils for:

  • OK
  • 470
  • 420


All CNC mold foils are built starting with an extra hard Gelcoat surface and then different combinations of Epoxy, Carbon and E-glass depending on the class rules.


Foils are made to exact bend and twist requirements, achieved through adjusting the size, shape and cloth used in the laminate. We work with absolute quantifiable materials. 



Kiwi-Style foils are available for: OK's, 49ers, FX’s, 29ers, 470’s, 420’s, VX One, and Starling Classes.


To order a foil, go to our SHOP page. Select Class and Foil category you need.  



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