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We have some very good dealers around the world, but we also like to work directly with the sailors and learn what they like and want before referring them to their nearest dealer. This gives us the opportunity to discuss your boat in detail and make sure you are getting exactly what you want. This way we both learn and the end result is a better and FASTER boat. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Each country has different rules for taxes on imported goods. You will be required to pay these when your boat enters your country. If you first receive and sail the boat in a different country, then check with a customs agent to ensure you import it at the lowest possible cost. Please contact us if you have questions.

To confirm the order you will need to send full payment for parts or a 25% deposit for a boat package once you have received the invoice.

For credit card payments over USD1000 there is a 2.5% surcharge.

Our bank details for payments will be on the invoice that we send you.

Please read or download our terms and conditions.

Please use our online shop to place an order enquiry for your parts or boat package.

We will then email you with a quote including payment details, shipping price and estimated delivery time.

If you want to proceed, then please send payment to confirm your order. 

Please contact us if you have any questions.

We will not ask for payment until after we have reviewed your order and sent you a quote.


We use DHL Express Worldwide.

They are able to transport small items up to 3m. Approximate delivery times are listed on the DHL website 

You will be emailed the tracking number.

We recommend that you track the shipment and contact DHL immediately if there is any delay once the package arrives in your country.

We are shipping boats to different parts of the world most weeks.  Most times we are able to ship boats together to a common destination to keep shipping costs as low as possible. This works best when your boats is shipped to a major regatta where others will also be wanting their new boat sent to.

Delivery times vary depending on the time of year, and of course shipping time to where you want the boat delivered. It will usually take 2-3 months until you receive your boat in Europe or America after you have confirmed your order.


Small gel coat repairs are relatively easy to do. 


What is Gelcoat made up of?

Gelcoat is a polyester product that is cured by using a catalyst called MEKP. (Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide)

MEKP is a dangerous substance and should be treated as such when using, being very careful not to get any on your skin or in your eyes.


How can I get the catalyst - MERK?

We cannot ship MEKP so you will always need to buy it separately from your local marine store or fibreglass manufacturer.


How much MERK do I need?

The amount of Catalyst varies depending on the conditions you are using it in, but around 2%-3% will always work.


It is best to use a small syringe or dropper to get the required catalyst rate.

If you have mixed 100gm of gelcoat, then you are aiming for 2ml of catalyst.


Generally, polyester doesn’t stick well to Epoxy, so if you are repairing an epoxy boat, then you should source a special epoxy compatible gelcoat.


What are the Gelcoat colours?

Gelcoats colours are not always a 100% perfect match.

Colour will vary depending on the depth of the repair and the batch.

470, 420, 29er & Starling are built from polyester resin.

49er, VX One & Zephyr are built from Epoxy resin.


For the epoxy boats we use a product made by Scot Bader.

Grey is Crystic 253 RAL= 7035

White is Crystic 253 PA   - White 337


For Polyester boats

470  White-  LS30    White PA 337

470  Grey- Grey RAL 7035

Blue = is supplier by Nuplex who have their own code which is not an international code


Does Mackay Boats supply gelcoat?

We supply a small tin (of each relevant colour) with each new boat.

Order additional gelcoat from our store, although it cannot be shipped by courier.


How do I do gelcoat repairs?

Doing gelcoat repairs is an art that improves with experience.

Making sure the surface is prepared well and keyed up is critical.

Overfill and then sanding back is a slow and time-consuming process.


Be very careful not to scratch the boat around the repair.

You shouldn’t sand the original surface around the repair with any paper coarser than 600grit.

Mask around the repair to protect the boat.

You can initially use a file or 150g to take the high parts off the filling, but don't use the coarse paper for too long or you will end up with scratches in the finished repair.


Once you have it fair with 600g, you can work your way through the sandpaper grades until you finish with 1500grit before cutting and polishing.


We would typically use 600g, then 800g or 1000g, then 1200g, then finally 1500g.

Staff from Mackay Boats attend various regattas during the year. Check on the news page of the website for contact details of our team travelling. We are happy to talk over details of your current or next boat and help you whenever possible to get the best from your Mackay Boat.  Skype or e-mail any other time to ask any questions. Contact details for staff can be found on our staff and contacts page.