470 Tuning Tips

470 Tuning Tips

470 Tuning Notes

A perfectly tuned 470 is a delight to sail.

Many sailors will sail for years without experiencing a perfectly balanced boat.

Perfect balance makes the boat easier to sail consistently fast- and allows you to spend more time with your ‘head out of the boat’ working on tactics and strategy.

Different masts and sails require different settings.  We have suggested some Links to various sailmakers tuning guides and recommend these are starting points.

There will be variations in bend between the different aluminium masts. There are even differences between the batches of the same model masts which will have an effect on your rig set-up and may even require a recut to the luffcurve on the mainsail.

An important part of tuning and developing your boat is to have standard methods of measuring everything and standard tools for measuring. Tape measures and rig tension gauges vary, so if you are changing to a new one, then check it against your old one to make sure your tuning numbers will be the same.

Over time most rig tension gauges change so keep this in mind and work out ways to calibrate you tension gauge.

Once you have your equipment right, balance will come from your rake, mast bend (sail shape) and centreboard rake.

Don’t be tempted to rake your rudder to change the balance. Ideally the leading edge of your rudder should be parallel to the rudder gudgeon pin. Make sure it stays like this in all conditions and then learn what rake is needed in each wind strength.

When you first use a new boat, mast or rigging, you will need to check and adjust the rig settings each time you sail for the first few days while the rigging stretches and everything settles in.

Record the sailing hours on your stays and jib halyard and then check them regularly so you know when to replace them.

Always do a quick check of your pre-bend before leaving the dock each day to make sure that all settings are correct and nothing has changed overnight or between races.

Go FAST, and happy sailing!

Additional 470 tuning resources:

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