Introducing the VX Two - Next Level Hiking Skiff Fun. Check out the footage

Introducing the VX Two - Next Level Hiking Skiff Fun. Check out the footage

Coming off the water from sailing the VX Two for the first time, ex-18 Foot skiff skipper and 3 times JJ Giltinan Champion, Dave McDiarmid’s first words - “Never experienced a hiking boat do that before…it’s as close to a skiff as you are going to get sitting down!”

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Recently launched, the new VX Two is fast – mind-blowingly quick, yet very easy to sail, and it's set to take dinghy sailing and yacht racing to another level.

Its concept came to life after research into the two-person hiking market which found a gap existed. There were limited options for people seeking a two-person, one-design skiff hiking boat that offered a true high-performance sailing experience, a boat that was super quick while also super easy to sail with a friend/partner. In essence, very little existed if you wanted to sail or race with a friend after the 49er, 470, ILCA, or even the Feva, 420, or 29er if one didn’t want to go down the Olympic path.

Brian Bennett, the father of the VX range of boats, took the concept to designers Rodger Martin and Ross Weene, who did the initial design work. Brian and the team at Mackay’s then refined the details to produce the finished boat. The VX Two was born.

“The VX Two is the result of combining our knowledge of what makes boats fast and easy to enjoy. We looked at every aspect that contributes to a great sailing experience, both on and off the water – ease of rigging and rig/sail tuning, balance, manoeuvrability, stability, launching and retrieving, control layout, foil systems, transportation,” says John Clinton. “We wanted to create a boat where people would be just as likely to take for a blast as they would for a race.”

No compromise on quality is a hallmark of the VX range of boats and the VX Two is no exception.

Brian Bennett considers “the VX Two is an exciting addition to the VX range of boats. It has been meticulously thought through to deliver on speed, ease of handling and balance. We’ve also worked hard on keeping it affordable.”

The VX Two in detail -

  • The hull is in keeping with the distinctive sleek VX hull shape. A wide, shallow, open cockpit enables easy manoeuvrability for the skipper and crew while adding valuable righting moment for the hiking crew
  • The foils use a centreboard and kick-up rudder system, which makes for easy launching and retrieving.
  • The sail wardrobe includes a square top, fully battened mainsail, full batten jib and an Asymmetric spinnaker. The sails are open to be made by any sailmaker but built to strict class rules.
  • The spars are clear coated carbon tubes assembled by Mackay Boats.
  • The mainsheet system comes directly off the boom just like skiff sailing which clears the cock pit and enables easy trimming.
  • Adjustable jib leads will keep the crew busy making the jib perfect through the wind range.
  • Easy to use halyard systems, including the use of jib luff zip makes for fast rig up
  • A large spinnaker chute along with a carbon fibre retractable bowsprit has been designed for easy hoists and drops of the Asymmetric spinnaker. 
  • Controls are positioned in a central position for easy access and quick adjustments by crew and helm.
  • Any excess water is shipped through the open transom.
  • Idea weight 125-155kg
  • The boat sits on a beach aluminium trolley which allows for easy transportation along with launching and retrieving.
  • Boat Weight - 71.1kg (includes all ropes and prod, excl mainsheet). All up weight - 93.24kgs (includes centreboard, rudder stock, tiller, tiller extension, all sails, boom, mainsheet, mast, halyards, stays).

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