Mackay Boats now distributors for Nikki and Skeeta Foiling boats

Mackay Boats now distributors for Nikki and Skeeta Foiling boats

Mackay Boats is very excited to get in behind two of the latest foiling boats that offer children through to adults a true “speed on water” experience; the Skeeta and Nikki.


The Nikki and Skeeta are fully open, modern scows, designed to make learning to foil as easy as possible while also providing a new thrill that captivates young and old.

Nikki & Skeeta                                                                  




The Nikki is designed for juniors / youth, with a weight range 25- 65kgs while the Skeeta is designed for youth/adults with a weight range 60-100kgs.


To highlight the growing worldwide popularity of these boats, the Skeeta and Nikki were recently selected by US Sail GP team’s Foiling First development programme - a development program that offers a professional pathway to foiling in the U.S. and has been described as “a catalyst for monumental change in the sport of sailing.”


“This is a really exciting boat that gives people the opportunity to learn about foiling on a relatively safe and easy platform, says John Clinton, (Mackay Boats). In sailing both boats and experiencing how simple the boats are to rig and to get out on the water, I can see a new era of on-the-water fun emerging.”


 The hull is designed for stability and simplicity. The steering is light and direct, allowing new sailors to develop their skills and feeling.





Both boat’s wings can easily and quickly be removed in less than five seconds. Just one pin holds them in place, making getting to the water even quicker.


The simple foiling system dramatically reduces the chance of 'foil crashing', as experienced with many other foiling craft, making it much more accessible to the wider public.      


The fully-retractable foils can be easily clipped on or off, all by the push of a button. No need to tip the boat over when rigging!


Sailors can fully adjust the wand on the fly, increasing or reducing the foiling ride height to the desired level. This allows the boat to immediately and safely return to displacement mode in the event of weather changes.  It also allows sailors to start low to the water's surface and gradually fly higher as they gain skill and experience.


Both boats also have two sail size options so you can either power up or down to suit the weather conditions and size of sailor. The boats come with a two-piece carbon fibre mast with different length mast bases to suit the sail size along with two different sail sizes.  All tips and bases are easily interchangeable between rigs.


The boats are pre-assembled and ready to hit the water out of the box. All foiling systems are pre-set, meaning rig up time is around 10 -15 minutes.


Mackay Boats is the distributor for the Nikki and Skeeta in New Zealand.


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                                  Nikki 5.5                   Skeeta 8.5


Length                          2.9m                          3.66m                 


Width without wings     1.02m                        1.26m


Width with wings          1.8m                          2.3m


Hull weight                   27kg                          35kg


Sail Area                      5.5m2                         8.5m2


Sailor weight range     25 - 65kg’s                 60-100kg


Rig kit option                6.5m2                        9.5m2    


Comes with:


 Aluminium collapsible beach trolley


Black anodised alloy boom

Two-piece Carbon mast

Mylar sail

Foiling kit pre-installed and pre-set


Displacement foil insert tip

Rudder box with alloy tiller and extension

Padded foil bag

Padded mast bag

Padded full hull cover

Padded hiking straps

Transport box

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