The Bieker Moth Success Story

The Bieker Moth Success Story

The Moth Class presents very few design restrictions so it was not surprising that the Bieker Moth became something quite radical given the diverse roots of its design team - America’s Cup I14s, foiling kites, 18’ Skiffs, Moths, Olympic classes, and involved Paul Bieker (Designer), Riley Dean (Engineer), Leopold Fricke (Composite engineer),  James Gell (Boatbuilder), Scott Babbage (development Sailor) and David McDiarmid (Mackay Boats Director).

Design and prototyping of the boat began after the 2017 Moth Worlds in Italy where focus went into minising aerodynamic drag and heeling moment. To this day, the design continues to evolve based on feedback from sailors and new ideas and improvements from designers.

The boat was Initially built by LSF Composites but in mid-2019 Mackay Boats took over the build with James Gell helping to build the first few boats at Mackay.

With a team of experts behind its design and build, the boat has constantly wowed sailors worldwide for its speed, manoeuvrability and systems.

In 2019, six of the top 15 boats at the World Championships were Bieker moths. In 2021, the Bieker moth was sailed by the top 6 sailors at the World Championships and had 10 boats in the top 20.