29er Complete boat incl Foils, Spars & Sails

NZD $24700.00 EA ex GST
Part: 291002

Ready to race, the complete boat includes:

  • Mackay built mast, boom, and prod
  • Foils & foil cover
  • Carbon tiller extension and boatbreaker
  • Sails and spinnaker sock
  • Robline sheets and lines
  • Rudder stock
  • Bluewave QRT Turnbuckles
  • Mast chocks
  • Footstraps supplied but not fitted
  • All equipment ready to race

Excludes beach trolley and boat covers.

 29er Complete boat incl Foils, Spars & Sails is fully configurable using the Fitout tab ...

NZD $1035.00 EA ex GST
NZD $960.00 EA ex GST
NZD $890.00 EA ex GST
NZD $740.00 EA ex GST
NZD $550.00 PR ex GST
NZD $490.00 EA ex GST
NZD $450.00 EA ex GST
NZD $250.00 EA ex GST
NZD $205.00 EA ex GST
NZD $130.00 EA ex GST
NZD $130.00 PR ex GST
NZD $115.00 PR ex GST
NZD $90.00 PR ex GST
NZD $88.00 EA ex GST
NZD $80.00 EA ex GST
NZD $72.00 EA ex GST
NZD $65.00 EA ex GST
NZD $64.38 EA ex GST
NZD $32.00 EA ex GST
NZD $30.00 EA ex GST
NZD $23.00 M ex GST
NZD $13.48 EA ex GST
NZD $4.90 EA ex GST
NZD $1500.00 EA ex GST
NZD $1450.00 EA ex GST
NZD $800.00 EA ex GST
NZD $120.00 SET ex GST
NZD $25.00 EA ex GST
NZD $18.00 EA ex GST
NZD $6.00 EA ex GST
NZD $950.00 EA ex GST
NZD $850.00 EA ex GST
NZD $400.00 EA ex GST
NZD $38.00 EA ex GST
NZD $32.00 EA ex GST