Nikki 5.5 Complete Boat

NZD $12000.00 EA ex GST
Part: NK1001

Nikki 5.5 comes in a cardboard transport box and includes; 

- Fully fitted Nikki hull in full padded hull cover 

- CST two-piece Carbon Mast in padded mast bag 

- Aluminium Boom 

- Doyle 5.5m² mylar sail 

- Wings fitted with trampolines 

- Daggerboard, Rudder and Lifting Foils in padded bag 

- Fully Adjustable Wand 

- Collapsible beach trolley 

- Displacement sailing foil inserts 

- Rudder box with tiller and tiller extension


>>Include Nikki 6.5 Rig Kit Option
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