VX Two Complete boat excluding sails

NZD $29200.00 EA ex GST
Part: X21002

Ideal for 125-155kg crews.

Fast and exciting, but easy to sail

Ready to race, the complete boat includes:

  • Carbon mast, boom, and prod
  • Foils & foil cover
  • Carbon tiller extension
  • Spinnaker sock
  • Robline sheets and lines
  • Rudder stock
  • Bluewave Turnbuckles
  • Excludes beach trolley and covers.

 VX2 Complete boat excluding sails is fully configurable using the Fitout tab ...

NZD $2300.00 EA ex GST
NZD $1600.00 EA ex GST
NZD $1200.00 EA ex GST
NZD $350.00 EA ex GST
NZD $800.00 EA ex GST
NZD $990.00 EA ex GST